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I Am Chantelle Turner Of Turner Smart Consulting & I Am Going To Teach You The Tools to Success~!

I used to be just like so many others, maybe even yourself. I was raised to believe that the path to success starts at the bottom of the corporate ladder. What I learned, is that it is much easier to be successful when you start at the TOP!

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I went to school, got a College degree even, & then began my journey to success in the corporate world. What I discovered was that my hard work was seldom recognized & I was paid for the value THEY put on my job, not how well I did it or how much work I put in. Sound familiar?

Most of the people you know & interact with on a daily basis, probably have a similar story to mine. If you/they are like me, than the idea of going into business for yourself, seems impossible. When I was first approached about joining a MLM, I turned it down quickly assuming it was a scam. The second time, it was a close friend who told me I could make some money. I was in a tight spot at the time, so I jumped in. But… here is the cold, hard truth. I FAILED!

I knew little about the business before I joined & I did not have any tools in my Small Business toolbox. All those years struggling to climb the corporate ladder had taught me little about being my own leader. I was used to following someone else, how was I ever going to get others to start following me.

After spending a lot of time & research, trials & errors, I was able to discover the simple tools that have lead to my success!

How TurnerSmartConsulting.com Works:

With new small businesses popping up every day,
it can be hard to choose the right one.
Let me show you how I not only pick the perfect business
but how I can turn ANY opportunity into a successful one!
  • The IN’s & OUT’s of a comp plan matter
  • Become a LEADER that people look up to
  • How I CREATE myself as an authority
  • How I build TRUST right from the start
  • Why the people I talk to SEE the VALUE of what I have


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